My home studio, 2018

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering professional remote recording capabilities  from my own purpose-built studio.  This  room was professionally designed & built in 2018 for tracking and composing, using STC65 double wall construction, non-parallel walls, ceiling &  floor, rockwool insulated broadband absorbers & ceiling cloud, isolated electrical circuit, & a low noise ventilation system.

I have an excellent range of professional microphones, preamps, audio interfaces, instruments & software on hand to get your project done right.  I am capable of working in a variety of styles, but I do encourage you to check out  the About page for more details about my musical/technical background and gear list.  You can listen to some examples of my work on the Music page.  Please contact me to discuss your project's specific requirements - let's see what we can create together!

Services Offered

  • Recording alto, tenor, or soprano saxophone (individual parts/solos or section work) - I am known for a modern, soulful expressive tone and tasteful note choices.  I use quality instruments, a variety of reed/mouthpiece configurations, and adapt my playing to best suit the style of your track.
  • Recording Yamaha WX5 MIDI wind controller - This instrument plays similarly to a saxophone or clarinet, and produces data which can trigger a matching synthesizer called the VL70m, which I also own.  The VL70m is known for its expressive physical modelling synthesis technology - a great match for a wind controller.  In addition, the WX5 can also output standard MIDI data which can be used to trigger any synth or sampler.  If you're looking for a synth solo but with the added expressiveness of a wind controller these are a great option.  I can provide you with just MIDI data from my WX5 performance, or also the audio from my VL70m synth, or audio from one of the software synths in my collection.
  • Recording male (tenor) vocals - I can sing your melodies, harmonies and falsetto parts, as well as spoken word/character voices.
  • Demo/full song production - Are you a singer/songwriter with an idea you'd like to develop further?  I can build a full production for your song, or just add some specific layers you have in mind from my arsenal of sounds.