For me, 2020 has been an incredible year of high immersion in my home studio, wearing several hats, as I've been working on a set of original songs to be released individually and later as an album. In addition, it has been fun to collaborate remotely on a few side projects with both old and new musical friends! 🙂

Thanks for visiting here & following along on my musical journey!  Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated!

- Rainer, Jan 03, 2021

Some Listener Feedback:

"A pleasant atmospheric composition with soulful performance and catchy overall vibe."   "Hmmm a real enjoyable track. Has an exotic whimsy to it. Particularly liked the rolling guitar waves. Shuffling percussive backbone. Great use of that shaker for pace. Lead vocals are well delivered. Dreamy. Lyrics uplifting and immersive. Arrangement flows nicely. Cool video. Great brass bits. Sax is always sultry! Great sounding mix and master to boot."   "I really like the poetry of the song. I thought it was inspired and very powerful. It reminded me of Bullet The Blue Sky. Really appreciate all of the work you put into this. It has a really hypnotic feel."   "I love the sentiment here. And, I think that the performance overall is very confident. I'd never know that this was a debut. The lyrics, once again, I think, are great. The playing on here is also solid. Congratulations!"   "I enjoyed the bright joyful tone and your warm emotional vocals, smooth clear instrumental line, solid mixing. It's a nice soft song,"   "Cool track and I dig that smooth vibe."   "I love the dream like quality of this song, it's just got such an atmospheric sound that wraps you up in the music. I love the classic rock feel of the song too, it's got a a familiar, yet different sound to it.:   "Never heard anything quite like it. Very different with lower registered instruments and unique voice. Nice feel from drums. Song catches me right away. Nice instrumentation and nice development and layering of the opening melodic statement."   "This is pretty cool. I warmed up to this one pretty quickly."   "I enjoyed the vocals. The singer has a nice laid back sound to his voice. The instrumentals were very good too."   "All the instruments but mostly the saxophone are beautiful and perfect. The quality of the sound is very high."   "I like that the song is not what I expected. It has this almost bollywood sound to it that gives the whole song this interesting vibe."   "I liked the intro of the song. The instrumental was very nicely done. The saxophone playing was skillful. The bass and drums sounded very good."   "I love the lyrics and melody the most. It could be a great road trip song. I can imagine me listening to this traveling with the wind blowing through my hair."   "Nice start, it grabbed my attention. It has 60's vibes, but doesn't sound dated. I can see this being used in a movie or show."   "I would add it to my chill playlist."   "This is a very lovely and light song. It is very catchy and has a winding down the day; relaxed and mellow mood. I love the use of the instruments in this beautiful song. It is classy beautiful and gracious. The production is stellar."   "It sounds uplifting and true to their style here with a comforting and melodic rock style here, good acoustic guitars and energy here."   "I like the lyrics, vocals, and laid-back structure of the song. It's very calming."   "I love how this one had a nice chill and mellow sound and vibe to it. The saxophone was a very nice touch."   "I really love the background instrumental and vocals. The hook is so catchy! This is a song/band that I would definitely check out again!"   "This song is awesome, amazing and captivating, I really enjoyed listening to this song immensely, I would definitely listen to this song again, great vocals."   "I like the beats and instrumentals that have been used in this song, they are captivating and make me want to listen to the song over and over."   "The really chill vibe of this song was cool and comforting to listen to. It had kind of a nostalgic feel to it as it reminded me of early 90's music."   "I like how the song has a lot of different and unique elements in it that makes it very distinctive. The artist's vocals are emotionally driven."   "What a great tune and the way it is mixed and recorded is very professional. I like the sound of the melody and the vocals are really good."   "I enjoyed the song for sure. Artist has some skill. Production value is on point too. Would listen to it while working out or lifting."   "I really liked the instrumental portion of this song. Especially during the bridge instrumental break toward the end. It was cool."   "This song sounded almost ethereal to me based on the lightness of the vocal performance and instrumentals. I loved the crescendos since this helped build my anticipation."   "Very unique and cool song. I loved the spooky beat and the soft vocals. This could easily be on the radio or in a movie soundtrack."   "A smooth, jazzy intro segues into a pop track that's much more inventive than most of what's out there...There's a pretty wonderful horn solo, followed by keyboard solo, and I'd listen to this one again and again."   "I really liked the opening instrumental, I couldn't tell what was being played and it was cool. I also liked the singer's voice, it was really smooth."   "Interesting song with a great vibe to it. It was just different to listen to and it told a great story. I was really impressed with it."   "This is a really great song. The band sounds fantastic and the singer has a nice voice for this type of music. The production quality is top notch too."   "This song was really good and really reminded me of something by Stone Temple Pilots, especially their later work. I liked the singer's voice in this song and thought that the melody as well as the lyrics were nice and told a really good story. Great song!"   "Good song, enjoyed it. Singer's voice matches the song nicely. Lyrics were thoughtful and meaningful. Would recommend this song."   "The rhythm of the track is interesting to me though with a calming melody here. It sounds like a soothing jazz rock sound to me. Good stuff."   "The song is very progressive, combining elements of psychedelic rock, R&B, funk, and pop to create a cool "fusion" sound. The saxophone and rhythm guitar licks are killer. This sounds like something I'd hear on "classic rock radio". Pretty good tune."   "The artist has a very loose and hypnotic voice. The beat and instrumental are very catchy. The overall vibe feels very warm and chill. Cool song."   "Beautiful instrumentation on this, and I enjoyed the video. Lovely lyrics and performance all around! The sax solo is a highlight. I'm hearing a mix of Sade style Jazz/R&B and rock elements. Really beautiful all around!"   "A pleasant and bright atmosphere with a summer vibe, great instrumental and awesome build-up."   "Your indie rock sound is fresh and I really like the guitar riffs here."   "This song is a whole vibe with that crazy cool sax. Solid riffs too, groovy bass, huge harmonies and nice vocals."   "Very interesting sound. I really liked the guitar arrangement, it was very engaging. Great job on the bassline too, it had a very distinctive groove."   "The overall atmosphere you created feels really good and dreamy and the quality is top notch."   "I have gotta say the track here has quite the atmosphere. Its smooth blues-like motion is just super captivating."   "Lovely track! Thought the production quality was gorgeous..."   "Really cool voice and atmosphere as well as production. The piano, sax and guitar are so sexy."   "I love the pure emotion in this track..."   "I really liked the groovy bass here and the balanced instrumentation."   "...really interesting song! I really like that mix between psychedelic, RnB and with little jazzy ambiances...really good performances, they bring some sort of RnB ambiance to the song...a great and chill song...the result is neat..."   "We like the atmosphere, interesting melodies of the instrumental. Great original arrangement."   "I like this atmospheric sounding guitar based piece, the calm vocal leads the beat perfectly!"   "Your track has a cool atmosphere and the video as well as the production quality is great."   "Cool mysterious atmosphere with lovely vocals and cool reverb on it, nice soft sound..."   "You have a great groove in your bassline and your song is well produced..."   "I really like your fresh indie rock sound and of course the the guitar riffs and the sax solos."   "A top production. The beats are catchy and trendy. The instrumentation is good. The lyrics are nice."

Musician, Composer & Producer

I am primarily a saxophonist & vocalist.  I also play a MIDI wind controller, and over the past 40+ years I've also picked up some degree of skill on keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion as well as the playing & programming of virtual instruments.
As a composer & producer I am passionate about using all of my skills and experience to create new music & to work with artists to help them achieve their musical vision.
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