Happy New Year! For me, 2020 has been an incredible year of high immersion in my home studio, wearing several hats, as I've been working on a set of original tracks to be released individually and later as an album. In addition, it has been fun to collaborate remotely on a few side projects with both old and new musical friends! 🙂

Thanks for visiting here & following along on my musical journey!  Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated!

- Rainer, Jan 03 2021

Musician, Composer & Producer

I am primarily a saxophonist & vocalist.  I also play a MIDI wind controller, and over the past 40+ years I've also picked up some degree of skill on keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion as well as the playing & programming of virtual instruments.
As a composer & producer I am passionate about using all of my skills and experience to create new music & to work with artists to help them achieve their musical vision.

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